Sigur Ros @ Glasgow Academy 6/11/08

Written by admin on November 7th, 2008

I think there are 2 viewpoints when it comes to Sigur Rós. Either you regard them as musical geniuses, or you mistake them for whale music. Personally, I find their music is amongst the sublime in contemporary music.

This is their second time in Scotland in the last few months, before appearing at Connect, and now at the Carling Academy. A distinct difference between both performances is the lack of Amiina and the brass band support that they’ve had over the summer. To some this could be a disappointment, but it changes the dynamic of the performance, it becomes a lot simpler, a lot more stripped down. It involves a lot more feedback. It becomes more intense. It also means they play some more older songs, such as Ný Batterí.

There are 2 songs that steal the show though. Recent single Gobbledigook is just spectacular to witness. Support band For A Minor Reflection join the band on stage all manned with drums, Jónsi asks everyone to stand up (though the bouncers weren’t to pleased with this…) and clap along with the music. A fantastic sound, and at the climax, confetti explodes from the ceiling and noone can not smile. The other being long established closer #8 (also known as Popplagið, or “The Pop Song”) which, as one of my friends puts it “ends all music”. While I might not go that far, it builds up to an amazing climax, and as it ends, you’re not quite sure what just happened.

Words: Julia Gay

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